GDR plasmonique active

"In this article, we carry out an in-depth study of the scanning tunneling microscopy-induced luminescence spectra (STML) of individual plasmonic nanoparticles measured in air. When compared to the results of far-field light scattering measured under the same ambient conditions, the STML measurements show spectral shifts and peak broadening of hundreds of meV, even when a nonplasmonic tip is used for STML. We simulate the near-field excitation and the effect of the tip using the finite-element method and show that these effects alone cannot explain the spectral shifts and peak broadening observed for STML experiments in air. However, the experimental results are well reproduced in the numerical simulations if the screening effect of a water meniscus bridge present in the tip-nanoparticle gap is considered. Our results pave the way for finer interpretations of STML experiments in air, where ignoring this additional screening effect can lead to an incorrect mode assignment of the observed resonances."

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.109.155433

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